How To Get Attention Of A Single Beautiful Female?

Little tips and tricks that get one girl’s attention might turn another girl’s attention away, because every girl is different. So if there’s a girl whose attention you want, what do you do? The following steps will help you get the attention of any girl whose attention is worth having, no matter how old, young, rich, poor, shy, or friendly she is.
  • Exhibit good manners. Girls love guys who are polite and courteous. Don’t do or say things that many people consider offensive, including swearing and making sexist/racist/etc. jokes or comments. If you act like a gentleman, demonstrating your respect for females and other people in general, girls will be more likely to welcome your company.
  • Saying things that you know would probably offend some people isn’t a good way to make or keep friends. It might look “cool” to your guy friends, but it’s a real turnoff to the girls. It’s easy to diss something; it’s much harder to believe in something. Be a man and believe in something.
  • Do common things that are gentlemanly, like opening the door for a girl, letting her cut you in line, and saying “excuse me.” Doing the small things is really easy, and girls pay attention to them much more than guys do.
  • Act like a gentleman around girls. Girls tend to have a different humor and perspective than guys, so being aware of and sensitive to these differences is important for your socialization.
  • Don’t make really sexual jokes or comments. Girls already think that guys are obsessed with sex, so don’t make it worse by being obsessed with sex. Be mature and respectful about sexual matters, at least when you’re around girls, and you’ll definitely get a girl’s attention.
  • Don’t treat women like objects or talk about them like they’re inferior. It sounds basic, but a lot of guys assume women are stupid or ditzy or classless. This is unfair, and it won’t make you very many friends among females. Think before you speak negatively about girls as a whole. As a rule of thumb, pretend that your mom is in front of you whenever you say something about girls.
  • As you learn how to interact with girls, they will respond more positively towards your actions and you will feel more comfortable with them.
  • Relax and be confident. When you are tense or nervous, you’re more prone to feeling embarrassed if you make some minor mistakes. This is a turn-off for most girls. Staying calm allows you to fully enjoy a girl’s company, stay confident, and show her the real you.
  • Staying confident is hard, but try to imagine that the girl you’re trying to impress is just a friend. You wouldn’t be nervous around a friend, so why be nervous around her? If you’re confident and manage to look cool and calm, you’ll scream popular. Her attention will be yours in no time.
  • The main thing is that you don’t want to come off as needy, as if embarrassing yourself in front of her is the most devastating thing that could possibly happen to you.
  • Be careful not to place all your hopes on a single girl; it will only make it more painful if things don’t work out as you would like. Remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea. If things don’t work out with a particular girl, simply move onto the next girl. That might make her sad she ever left you in the first place.
  • Don’t let any prior bad experiences prevent you from seeking opportunities that are available to you. If you've had a relationship that went bad, learn from it and put it in the past. It’s not healthy to dwell on failed relationships, and it’s probably not very attractive either. Embrace what life is giving you now, not what it could have given you in the past.
  • Respect all girls equally. You stand a much better chance of making a good overall impression if you treat girls that don’t interest you just as nicely as those that do. This doesn’t mean that you need to talk to or flirt with every girl, but don’t ignore them or treat them dismissively. You never know when a girl is going to suddenly get attractive, or who she’ll become friends with. The best bet is to treat them all the way you would want to be treated.
  • Don’t talk to a girl about another girl’s attractiveness; it’s distasteful and can degrade the girl’s opinion of herself. Plus, it’s just easy to accidentally say the wrong thing, or say something you didn’t mean. Stick to talking about other girls with your guy friends.
  • You generally shouldn’t talk about past relationships you’ve had, or other girls that potentially interest you. No girl wants to have to compare herself to your past relationships, and she really doesn’t want you to compare her to them either. Make her feel like she’s the only girl in your universe, and the universe will smile kindly on you.
  • Include girls in your activities. When you’re doing something and it’s only guys, be brave and include the girls you want included. You don’t have to do this all the time (sometimes it’s just better without girls), but don’t be afraid to add some girls to the mix. If boys call you out, you know they’re jealous that they didn’t have the courage to invite the girls. There’s no reasons why girls can’t be a part of your group.

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