Why Women Just Can’t Resist A Man On A Motorcycle ?

We often ask women want a guy who’s tall, dark and handsome four wheels  man or two wheels? Right ! Tall, dark and handsome guys with Harley make  woman scream." because of wild and Easy Rider ,  let motorcycle riders  have a special attraction.In fact, in a recent bikerkiss.com survey, “motorcycle” was the second most-popular term that women used when searching through online profiles . And motorcycle rallies occurred throughout the country, why are two wheels scream machine ranked so high? Motorcycles are still considered as rebellious, tough, strong, but now more and more accepted by society. "Like biker tattoo, motorcycle clothing, helmets, boot to complement its stylish self-image is often hidden more fun- factor, which makes the motorcycle extra charm.

There is no doubt about it : Motorcycle marks a person, a little extra testosterone a little extra sensitive components in a man's world. Motorcycle riders prefer freedom, adventure than four wheels men . there is the desire of the lives of these guys exudes independence, self-reliance, and fearlessness. Yes, add to the mysterious atmosphere of rebellion magic. Of course, in addition to what you need tough boy looks, these guys still are sweet, big-hearted, intelligent men "

Live to ride, Ride just to live. Riding is question, who care?  Whether it rains or snows, whether it is in the night sky, or ocean beach road, whether good or bad mood. Wear leather, so the wind is blowing in their faces, and even the pores of dirt, it is worth it. If your date is a motorcycle man, only you whim to go to the mountains, the beach or any other place, he can take you anywhere for fun or romantic date.

IF you don’t dig the biker thing at all, why not date a guy with a convertible.

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