Looking good on a bike involves the proper clothing, knowing the “rules of the road” and the principles of maneuvering, whether you ride by yourself or with someone. A little mystique never hurts, but it’s more about competence and confidence than fashion.

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Here are 13 tips:
1. Dress the Part

No flowing scarves and no oversize shirt-tails to flap in the breeze. Slim, non-constricting denims or leathers, and proper boots, please. If you’re serious about riding, the investment in a well-fitted riding jacket and gloves is a priority.
2. Wear Your Helmet

It’s always smart to be safe. Being safe always looks good. Assure that your helmet fits properly and is fastened snugly.
3. Check the Weather

Riding can be miserable if you’re not dressed for the weather. Like a good Scout, try to be prepared.
4. Practice Your Mount and Dismount

Know how to get on and off properly and safely. If you’re riding with someone, always wait for the rider’s signal. Use the foot pegs.
5. Master the Art

A good bike safety, operations and riding course is well worth the time, effort and cost. Your partner will appreciate having a real partner on the bike, and you’ll feel much more confident.

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6. Anticipate

The rider must look ahead and around — at the road, the traffic and for potential hazards. If you’re the passenger, you can help out by also watching for problems and hazards. Point out animals, children and road conditions you think the rider may have missed.
7. Look Around You

Feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your face may be the movie version of motorcycle riding life, but part of the allure is the open road and the landscape. So, look ahead, look around and enjoy it! Notice the surrounding hills, the color of the wildflowers, and shape of the clouds. Really experience the ride!
8. Participate

Position yourself properly for navigating turns, to keep from sliding, to compensate for sudden braking. Never lean against a curve. Make no unnecessary or unexpected moves that could unbalance the bike or startle your partner. Practice safe signaling when communicating with the rider!
9. Indulge your Whimsy

If you ride as part of a group, and that is part of the fun, after all, indulge in a little fun. Flaunt your fashion sense once in a while with a funky t-shirt, a colorful belt, bright gloves, or a custom helmet. Remember, though, a little goes a long way. Unless you’re riding in a parade, forego the fringe and sequins!
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10. Stow your Gear Properly

Even if you’re just on an afternoon ride, it’s best to pack gear in the bike’s saddlebags rather than wearing a backpack or slinging on a criss-cross shoulder bag.
11. Freedom of Expression

If you ride your own bike, develop your own style, whether it’s the way you sit the bike or the clothes you wear. Color-coordinate your jacket, your helmet, or your gloves.
12. On Your Own

More and more women are joining the ranks of bike enthusiasts. As a sole rider, it’s even more important to demonstrate control, competence and knowledge. Learn how to troubleshoot, and learn maintenance basics. Complete a first aid course. You may not look better, but you’ll feel better.
13. Throttle Through

As with any other pursuit, you get back what you put in. Go for a ride with a friend and enjoy it. Or, not. But, if you are serious about riding, practice, and then practice some more, until looking good comes naturally!

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