My First Ride of The Season !

Today is 75 degree. sunny. I just got my motorcycle babe out of storage today and went for a ride. My first ride of the season. I couldn't stop smiling when we are ready to ride out. 

I'm a motorcycle girl that enjoy riding.I live in Walnut,a very special city. My new bike is 2014 Harley Davidson streeglide special.My first motorcycle is Honda. I love my motorcycles, the ride and the open road. Today we ride a long distance untile we're tired.Life is just better with motorcycles. Last year,I join a motorcycle club which is helping motorcycle lovers find fun, love and riding partners. I'm loved as a partner of biker club.

 we get to know each other, establish relationship and talk about their interests, or to help each other. Making it feel at home.

 Now I have many biker friends. Sometimes, we have fun, ride together is spare time. I love my life. Of course, we're welcome New Motorcycle Partners to our motorcycle club, Let's Ride ON!

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